Will Brexit affect mobile roaming charges?


Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure this summer, one thing that is guaranteed is that you’ll want to stay connected. Updating social media, replying to emails and staying in contact with family members is now a necessity. But with the uncertainty of Brexit, it’s hard to predict how much your mobile usage is going to cost you when travelling. Here are some tips on how to keep roaming costs down:

1. Speak to your provider ahead of your trip

It’s important to let your mobile provider know that you’ll be travelling abroad in advance. Luckily, ahead of Brexit we still have ‘Roam Like Home’ add-ons which enables you to use your UK data whilst in selected EU countries. You’ll be pleased to hear that at this stage all major networks (Vodafone, EE, O2 and THREE) have said they ‘have no plans to change’ should a deal be reached.  But if a ‘No Deal’ Brexit is announced, it’s predicted to result in an increase in costs whilst using your phone in the EU. If requested, most mobile suppliers can put a roaming cut off limit in place meaning your data will automatically disconnect once it reaches the capped limit, protecting you from a large bill.  If travelling further afield, ensure you have this is in place as charges can hugely vary depending on the destination.

2. Switch off Data Roaming

One of the biggest causes of the dreaded bill shock during the summer months is usually caused by failing to turn data roaming off. If you leave data roaming on when travelling outside the EU your phone will automatically receive all your emails, notifications and use data at international rates. So, switch off data roaming and make use of free Wi-Fi which is readily available at hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

3. Bolt-on and Bundles

Despite Wi-Fi being readily available speed or lack of it can be an issue. If this is the case you can always buy a data bundle. Depending on your destination and provider, you should have the option to purchase a daily bolt-on, this allows you to use your UK allowance whilst abroad for a flat daily fee. Outside of these zones, additional bundles can be added giving you access to Calls/SMS/Data.

4. Use Apps/Download in Advance

Embrace mobile technology with the free Wi-Fi zones by using apps such as FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – these digital platforms allow you to make video/phone calls and instant message with WiFi connectivity for free. And whilst we all enjoy a bit of downtime to listen to music or watch a movie/tv show, streaming from an online platform can use up a lot of data so be prepared and download your favourite songs and TV shows before your holiday to avoid disappointment.

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