Simple ways to improve your home Wi-Fi


Sharing your broadband between your work and family can lead to speed issues. The last thing you want is that important video call to be interrupted as your laptop competes with your family’s Netflix streaming.

We asked our broadband specialists for easy tips to boost your Wi-Fi speeds at home:

1. Move your router

Where your router is located can make a significant difference to performance. If it’s currently placed near other devices, it can affect your Wi-Fi signal. Ensure your home router is located on a table, or a shelf instead of on the floor or inside a cupboard. Moving it to a location that will distribute connectivity evenly throughout the house will keep downtime – and arguments – to a minimum.

2. Disconnect devices

The more devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi, the slower performance will be. Turning off Wi-Fi connection on the devices you aren’t using is a simple and effective way to boost speeds.

3. Spread out your tasks

If multiple people are working from your household, you’ll likely have conference calls or video meetings scheduled at similar times. Consider scheduling your calls at different times or avoid starting calls at specific times such on the hour or half past the hour.

4. Wire up

Using a wired connection rather than a wireless/Wi-Fi connection can make all the difference. An Ethernet cable can connect your device directly into a spare port on your router and avoid any Wi-Fi interference. Cables start from as little as £3.

5. Boost your Wi-Fi

Ever find that your Wi-Fi coverage falls away in particular rooms in your home? Buy a simple plugin Wi-Fi booster and fit it to a socket in the affected area to boost your Wi-Fi signal and increase your speed. Google ‘Wi-Fi booster UK’ to locate one that’s right for you.

6. Change your Wi-Fi channel

If you are more technical you can check to see which Wi-Fi channels you neighbours are using and move your own connection to a free channel to cut interference and increase your speed.  TechInsider have a simple video explaining how you can do this  We would always recommend that you read your router guide thoroughly before making any changes.

If you are still having speed issues…

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