Supporting customers to adapt to the new normal


As businesses continue to adapt to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the role of technology has become pivotal. This period is a learning curve for many businesses as they have been catapulted into remote working strategies with little warning and often make-shift solutions.

With lockdown restrictions changing every few months, we’ve considered how business expectations are likely to change as we enter the ‘new normal’ and what the next generation of working will look like for our customers and Partners.

VoIP adoption to surge 

Since lockdown measures were announced, VoIP services have seen an increase of 90% across Europe, emphasising how COVID-19 has been a strong catalyst for digital adoptions within organisations.

We’ve experienced this first-hand as our own engineers have been delivering hosted telephony solutions remotely to customers during the lockdown. You can read more about those activities in our case study about the services delivered to housing charity, Raise Liverpool, via our Partner, Parallel ICT.

With Openreach’s ISDN switch-off drawing closer and efficient remote working now essential, there will undoubtedly be a surge in VoIP interest once restrictions lift and a sense of stability are restored. Our team can support you with online demonstrations for your clients and quotation support, with generous commission and on-going revenue opportunities.

Businesses will rely more heavily on networks

EE’s Mobile Network Data report from February-May 2020, revealed a staggering 45% increase in data usage for communication services. With office buildings closed, customers and suppliers are relying on mobiles to communicate, highlighting the practicality of dedicated mobile tariffs for staff to reduce costs.

Our mobile specialists can offer guidance on the best mobile tariffs that are tailored around your customers current and future needs, find out more here.

Account support and service reviews

Social distancing measures have led to a significant decrease in economic activity with an estimated decline in GDP of around 7%-13% by the end of 2020. This uncertainty has already led to organisations reviewing current costs and adjusting budgets.

80% of SMBs prefer to receive a single bill for all their communication services which provides a great opportunity for Partner’s offering account reviews to help customers make savings and migrate to remote working solutions.

To arrange an account review for your customers please just get in touch with the team via

On-site delivery changes

In May, Openreach started a phased approach to return to work inside customers’ premises for jobs that were deemed necessary and low risk. Jobs that reach these criteria will be carried out following the strict guidelines outlined here.

Our own engineers are equipped with PPE and guidelines to enable the delivery of a similarly limited on-site installation service. Helping customers as they transition back into on-premise working.

On-site engineering works will continue to be impacted for the foreseeable future which makes services that can be delivered remotely much more appealing to providers and customers.

The new normal

Our Partner Team is here to support new and existing partners as they adapt their service offering and communications to reflect what the ‘new normal’ will look like over the coming weeks and months. We can help support your business with online product demos, emailable marketing collateral and remote sales support. Contact us today for more information.

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