SMBs: The Security Landscape


SMBS: The Cyber Security Landscape

How do you make the most risk-averse decisions for your technology investments when your day-to-day duties mean your knowledge, time and resources are over-stretched?

Each year Momentum Cyber meticulously analyse the cyber industry and their detailed “Cyber Security Landscape” graphic below is a perfect example of why SMBs can feel overwhelmed when it comes to making technology decisions for their business.

Cyber Security Landscape
Source: Momentum Cyber, Cyber Security Almanac 2018

We estimate that there are 550+ different companies operating across all sectors of Cyber Security. Even if you consider the basic elements – Firewalls and Endpoint Protection (Anti-virus/ Anti-malware) – You have 51 individual vendors to choose from! With such a crowded marketplace, it can be overwhelming for smaller organisations to make that first step.

SMBs just don’t have the time or resource in-house to evaluate all the options. We know that technical jargon can be intimidating, and Cyber Security can be a minefield, one that can be very tricky to navigate without the right support.

Which is why 58% of small businesses have already sought information, advice or guidance about Cyber Security in the last 12 months.

At NTE our mission is to help you unravel Cyber Security Solutions, by focusing on your required business outcomes and budgets. Why? So SMBs are better equipped to tackle challenges cost-effectively, and with confidence that they are receiving clear advice.

For advice on how to get started, get in contact with one of our Cyber Security specialists today.

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