SIP Trunking.

SIP Trunking offers a low-cost alternative to traditional ISDN/PSTN landlines for on-premise phone systems.

Route your calls via smart and flexible IP trunk lines

Future-proof your business and reduce costs.

Compatible with all the leading IP PBX brands you can quickly connect your phone system to our IP network and start making high quality, low-cost voice calls across the internet.

SIP delivers the flexibility to decide where you want calls to your phone number delivered, making the service ideal for business continuity and remote working scenarios – if you have a site related issue just divert your inbound traffic to another destination within minutes.

With no need for additional phone line installation, SIP Trunks can be scaled up or down in line with your changing business needs. Businesses experiencing busier periods can choose to increase their resources as and when they need to. 

Business Benefits of SIP Trunking:


Reduce costs

Save on call costs, rental charges, business continuity, calling and network features in comparison to traditional fixed line services.

Quick to deploy

Add SIP trunks on a channel by channel basis to match your business need. Real-time provisioning means immediate service delivery.


Your phone numbers become geographically independent so you can take your numbers with you when you move premises.

Business continuity

SIP can provide automatic failover to another site, ideal when you have on-site problems like power-cuts or loss of service. It takes just a few minutes to re-route your calls to an alternative location.

Is your business ready for the all-IP revolution?

As more and more businesses adopt all-IP working, Openreach plan to withdraw their ISDN and PSTN landline network in 2025. Migrating to an alternative IP voice service such as Hosted Voice or SIP Trunking is easier than you think. Download our brochure to discover how your business can embrace all-IP working today.
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