Keeping your business connected during lockdown


We understand that keeping connected while you are working from home has never been more important for your business. With many of our customers requesting advice on how to implement remote working and cloud-based solutions, we asked our Product Specialists to hand-pick easy to implement products which they consider to be useful for customers during this time.

1. Call Divert service

Call divert services enable you to forward calls from your office number to a designated mobile and ensure you don’t miss an important call. Calls are charged at diverted rates.  For more information and assistance contact the team on  You can also check out our latest Q&A blog for more information.

2. Audio Conferencing

Our Audio-Conferencing solution is an easy to set-up service designed to facilitate 24/7 on-demand audio conferencing for your business. Simply dial your dedicated telephone number and enter your conference code and PIN to connect with your customers, suppliers and teams, based in the UK and overseas.

Features include 24/7 instant meeting set up, the ability to host up to 120 participants, no meeting time limit and technical operator support – ensuring your business stays connected.

3. Mobile Broadband and MiFi Routers

With both you and your family at home, your broadband usage will have increased and your speed may have been impacted. See our recent blog for helpful tips you can use to boost your existing connectivity.

If you still have issues with broadband usage you could look at our Mobile Broadband Solution. Ready to use as soon as it’s out of the box, a portable 4G MiFi hotspot allows you to work from home with a fast, dedicated mobile internet connection. Available on both O2 and Vodafone, the device connects smartphones, PCs and laptops to ensure you remain connected.

For a limited period, we can offer a Vodafone Red Unlimited Mobile Broadband Data SIM for £40 per month + VAT. A fair usage policy applies, including limited service where a user regularly tethers to 12 or more devices or uses 650GB of data twice in a 6-month period.

4. Mobile data top-ups

For existing mobile customers don’t forget that you can add a data top-up of between 1GB-20GB each month with prices ranging from just £5 to £48 + VAT PCM. One top-up per connection per month. We can also offer temporary tariff upgrades to cover the lockdown period, which don’t interfere with your existing contractual agreements.

5. Hosted Telephony (VoIP)

Picking up your entire office phone system is easy with Cloud Voice, our hosted telephony solution, all you need to do to access your company’s entire phone system is to securely login via your web browser.

Cloud Voice is a feature-rich phone system hosted in the cloud allowing staff to call, email, chat, share screens, send documents, make video calls and more from their PC or smartphone with no software downloads. Staff can communicate with colleagues, see their availability, fax and SMS to one or more users, access corporate phonebooks seamlessly.

Cloud Voice can be deployed remotely, right now and without any need for engineers or staff to attend your site.

For more information on the services outlined above or to discuss your account with NTE please raise a ticket to or call 0345 034 6622 and speak to one of our product specialists.

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