Improving mobile working in the finance sector


Larger finance sector providers like KPMG and PWC are already leading the way, ditching their desk phones and going mobile in a bid to support flexible working. 

It sounds great in theory, but in practise the move hasn’t always been supported by the technology available.

Our finance clients tell us that having a ‘soft phone’ on your laptop isn’t always convenient when you want to make a phone call. And, soft phone apps on your mobile often drop your call when an inbound mobile call is detected.

Also, what do you do when most of your users are on mobile devices and your phone system only records and monitors landline calls? Understanding what your employees are saying and doing is vital when advice is your business.

That’s where Horizon Connect offers a unique proposition to financial services companies.

For the first time you can have all the power of your desk phone on your mobile phone. 

Horizon is a fully featured cloud phone system with full call reporting and call recording facilities. Add Connect SIMs into your mobiles and bring those devices within the control of your phone system for seamless call handling. Your mobile is simply an extension on your phone system.

Save money on calling as your mobile dials out over your landlines, obtain full call stats on mobile users and record mobile calls for compliance.

Connect is a brand-new technology with the ability to revolutionise how your business works and it frees your staff to work flexibly, wherever and whenever they are needed.

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