Business Broadband.

Choosing fast and effective connectivity for your business has never been so important.  From remote workers to busy offices with bandwidth hungry applications, we have a business broadband option to meet your needs. 

Powerful and reliable business broadband with North East based support

Business Broadband Packages

Fast Broadband

 Ideal for small offices and remote workers who need internet browsing and access to email. 

Upload speed:

Up to 1Mbps

Download speed:

Up to 24Mbps

Superfast Broadband

Up to 5x faster than standard ADSL, Superfast Broadband is suitable for businesses who have moderate internet usage and use cloud applications, such as IP telephony.


Upload speed:

Up to 20Mbps

Download speed:

Up to 80Mbps

Ultrafast Broadband
FTTP & G.Fast

Benefit from the fastest broadband speeds available with full fibre connectivity. Ideal for SMEs with multiple users who use bandwidth heavy applicationsIP telephony and video conferencing. 

Upload speed:

Up to 20Mbps

Download speed:

Up to 300Mbps

Which broadband option is for me?

We can help you. Our experts will take the time to understand your usage, check availability and speeds at your premises and guide you through pricing and those all-important service levels. Once you have the information to hand you can make the right decision for your business.


Get more from your broadband with our
Managed Cloud Services.

Hosted Voice

An IP telephone system hosted in the cloud.  All the telephony features you’d expect plus advanced employee collaboration tools such as video conferencing and instant messaging. Quickly enable flexible, remote working in your business.

Hosted Desktop

A bespoke virtual environment provides remote workers with access to their files, emails and business-critical applications on any internet-enabled device, at any location. 

SIP Trunking

A flexible alternative to traditional ISDN and PSTN landlines. Quickly connect your IP enabled phone system or Microsoft Teams application to our SIP trunk service and start making high-quality, low-cost voice calls over the internet.

Download our Connectivity Comparison Guide.

View all our connectivity options at a glance.  Compare products, speeds, service levels and lead times to help you find the perfect connectivity solution for your business.
NTE Connectivity Comparison Guide