A day in the life at NTE


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work for NTE? Here, our Sales Engineer Dave Inchliffe gives us a unique insight into his day.

Thought I would document my day! Here’s my cohort pulling up. #myworkday

Working here this morning, everything is patched, programmed and working. Just got to do handset training, wait for the number port from their analogue lines to their new SIP trunks and make paging work again! #myworkday

If it’s training, it’s training… Shaun McDade imparting his @mitel wisdom to a new group of customers #myworkday

Number port has gone through, customer didn’t even notice it had happened until they received a call on their new Mitel phone! No Downtime ?. Time to unplug the Nortels and send them for recycling. #myworkday

As we were passing, we called into one of our IT Partners, Lane Systems, to upload their new music on hold. We could have done it remotely but that’s not very friendly! ?

At our stores now. Pre-configuring some Mitel kit that’s being installed next week and eating Mint Imperials. #myworkday

Last couple of hours clearing tickets and sorting kit for next week, cheeky 3 minutes early finish seeing as it Friday! #myworkday finished

Spoke too soon, on the drive home I received a call from a customer who needs a divert tomorrow due to staffing issues. I installed a VPN into the office and reconfigured for them from the comfort of my own home whilst eating pizza. #myworkday

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