How Unified Communications improve business agility


Reports suggest that an agile business can generate up to 10% more revenue growth than a non-agile organisation and 87% of executives surveyed believe that agility holds the key to organisations becoming “champions“.

So, how can unified communications improve agility in your organisation to provide you with the resources to adapt to market and environmental changes?

1. An agile business supports flexible working 

Unified communications enable your staff to pick up calls regardless of their location or device. As a result, customer experience is improved, and staff can operate flexibly wherever they are located.

2. An agile business constantly seeks competitive advantage

As customer’s demand more responsive service, your business must go beyond the traditional 9-5 availability. That’s not to say that you must remain open 24/7 but, staff should have the ability to contact customers outside working hours if any issues do arise.

3. An agile business responds to change quickly

Moving from on-premise solutions to a unified communications, cloud-based service enables businesses to quickly scale their capacity up and down, responding to change and saving money by only paying for what they need.

4. An agile business uses the latest technology to remain compliant at all times 

Unified communication solutions synchronise all your communications channels into one simple business solution for easy compliance monitoring. One number, one voicemail and on-the-go call recording across landline and mobile devices with centralised storage.

5. An agile methodology needs to be implemented across all departments 

Integrating your unified communications solutions with your existing business applications i.e. CRM provides seamless communication between departments, suppliers and customers – ensuring that the business can react to changes instantly.

With an increase in employee requests for remote working and flexible hours, the businesses that stay ahead of the curve are those that are willing to introduce measures to ensure they are flexible. Using unified communications is an essential component of an agile business model.

NTE’s unified communications solutions provide an integrated approach to your communication channels and devices to create a responsive and seamless user experience across your organisation. Our customers have seen improvements in productivity, efficiency and a reduction in costs. We work with you to create a custom communication plan that meets your business goals. Improve your organisation’s agility today.

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