3 products to improve remote working in 2021


Responses to UK lockdown measures resulted in a surge of remote working during 2020. With 67% of companies expecting work from home policies to be permanent or long-lasting many businesses are re-thinking their entire technology strategy to enable this change.

We’ve rounded up our top 3 technology solutions that are easy-to-deploy, secure and offer a permanent solution for flexible working.

1. Cloud Voice services

Hosted Voice is a feature rich, cloud based telephony solution that allows your staff to work anywhere they have internet access.  Flexibly route and re-route your calls, quickly change announcements and calling patterns to deal with rapidly changing situations.  Our engineers can deploy your new service remotely and support your staff through the changes with online training and support sessions.  With simple and predictable monthly costs you can quickly deploy cloud technology without any big upfront investment.

Good communication is the foundation of efficient remote teams, and our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing product simply enables your existing Microsoft Teams software for voice working.  Retain your phone numbers and route them via SIP Trunking through your existing Microsoft Teams set-up.  You can use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as your main telephony service or alongside your existing phone system – you decide how it works best  for you.  With no additional investment in hardware – this flexible, cloud-ready solution can quickly connect your team and ensure you never miss a call.

2. Secure hosted desktop technology

Remote working is now a long-term strategy as businesses consider downsizing their office premises or closing them completely to embrace this new way of working. As a result,

 34% of organisations increased the migration of assets to the cloud as a result of COVID-19 to gain access to applications and data that previously were only accessible if staff were physically present in the office.

Our Hosted Desktop solution provides your users with secure access to their business applications and data from multiple devices and locations. It looks and feels like a regular desktop meaning there’s minimal disruption for your employees. The configuration and delivery of our Hosted Desktop solution is completely remote, with no capital-outlay and a recurring monthly payment which can be scaled as your needs change.

Learn more about our Hosted Desktop technology here.

3. Mobile Wi-Fi

Almost a third of Brits found it more difficult than pre-lockdown to do things such as online shopping and video conferencing. In a bid to prevent home workers being interrupted mid-video call, we recommend a mobile broadband solution to provide instant 4G connectivity to chosen devices. Our mobile broadband solutions come with a plug and play MiFi router.  Flexible data plans and automatic usage caps ensure your users stay within budget.

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