3 numbers to avoid calling at all costs


Unsure whether it’s ok to make or receive calls from 070, 090 and 118 numbers?

We asked our Commercial Analyst Richard Reay for the low down on his top three numbers to avoid.

1. Does it cost to call 070 numbers?

An 070 number looks just like a mobile number. It is, in fact, a ‘Personal Number’ and is generally very expensive to call. The 070 number allows the owner of the number to divert calls to any other device such as a mobile, a hotel room or a home number etc. They are perfectly legitimate numbers and are often used by business people who work on the move. If the 070 is used by your regular supplier or customer, ask for an alternative landline or mobile number if you are calling them regularly.

2. Does it cost to call 090 numbers?

Calls to 090 numbers will consist of a very high connection charge plus a relatively high per minute charge. These numbers are predominantly used by chat lines and other adult content services. The owner of the number uses the 090 to generate income – that’s why you often see 090 numbers attached to competition lines offering huge cash sums or luxury prizes – they are very expensive to call.

Accidental 090 calls are more relevant to business users. Employees often Google phone numbers for legitimate reasons, such as to call HMRC or the Inland Revenue, however, there are companies who use Google to push their 090 numbers to the top of your search result. Without knowing it your employee can call the expensive 090 number which redirects to the underlying legitimate number that the user is seeking. Our advice is to ask your employees to Google until they find a legitimate and much cheaper 0800 or 0345 number.

3. Does it cost to call 118 and other directory services?

Ofcom finally caught up with the very high charges made by Directory Service companies and not before time. Calls to directory services are now capped at a maximum per 90 seconds. However, at the end of a directory call the operator will often ask if you would like to be connected to the company you have enquired about. We would recommend that you never do this. The second leg of your call will continue to be charged at the more expensive rate. Our advice is to make a note of the number, hang up and call it yourself.

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About Richard

Richard is NTE’s lead Commercial Data Analyst and has over twenty years’ experience in the telecoms sector.

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